Safety First

Safety at PALS

Ensuring the safety of our crews and protecting the property we are servicing will always be our top priority. Abatement is dangerous work requiring precise planning, training, and coordinated efforts to successfully complete an accident-free job.

Our management is involved in all safety planning. Without exception, the Safety Director and Project Manager review the tasks, hazards, and safety concerns for each project. A Task Hazard Analysis (THA) is developed for each project. Each plan is reviewed with the field regularly to ensure that all crew members understand the hazards and how to mitigate the risk accordingly. All incidents can be prevented with proper training and planning.

New Hire Orientation
The PALS Safety Director trains all new hires before they step foot on the job site. We ensure all personnel are properly and fully trained in all tasks before they are undertaken.

Daily Tailgate Meetings
The Supervisor will lead a crew meeting each morning to discuss the Task Hazard Plan. The crew is encouraged to participate in the discussion and share their ideas and safety concerns.

Safety Committee Meetings The management team at PALS meets quarterly to implement new policies and discuss all incidents and corrective actions. We find that with all management involved, we can create a stronger safety team and program.

Yearly Refresher
The Safety Director performs a yearly refresher training for all employees. This helps ensure employees continue to understand the company IIPP and all training objectives.

Certifications & Training
All jobs require specialized training and certificates. Many will be done in house at PALS. Such training may include boom lift, scissor lift, forklift, confined space, OSHA 10, and OSHA 30.

The Buddy System
All new hires are paired with an experienced coworker until they have been properly trained, gained sufficient experience, and can perform all duties safely and correctly.

Weekly Tailgate & Inspections
To maintain OSHA standards and new policies, our Safety Director discusses weekly tailgate topics with all crew on all sites. Onsite inspections are performed regularly as an extra step to ensure crews maintain a safe job site and consistently meet OSHA compliance.